Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week One, Day Two

Well, the best thing so far about this plan is the first week being dedicated to "cutting back". Its harder than it sounds! Not so much because I can't control myself, but because once you start thinking about it, there is fructose/sugar in lots of things! Yesterday I had a bowl of oatmeal with peaches and nutmeg for breakfast and no sugar in my coffee, just Stevia. I had Carl's Jr. for lunch (for shame, for shame), but it was because I promised my son a lunch date and that's what he chose!! That doesn't count, right?? ;)  Well, no sweet stuff there, but I don't want to think about the additives and junk and added sugar just in the burger and fries I had. I also had a diet soda, which I don't usually have--but its a definite weak spot, especially at restaurants. One thing I am really looking forward to is having an extended time under my belt with NO soda. Even just the occasional one is toxic. I KNOW. ;)  I did my half hour, 2.5 mile workout on the treadmill, and for dinner had a grapefruit, a salad, and one of the kids' homemade pizza bagels. Its kind of embarrassing to write what I'm eating here, but I do want to chronicle the process. I am usually pretty healthy, but I am also an impulse eater (that looks great! I should totally have one!) and fall prey to laziness (healthy dinner, healthy dinner, healthy dinner--okay, its Thursday and I'm tired, lets have pizza!). The focus for me, this week, is on cutting back the sugar. I won't change everything at once, but its sure humbling to put in print the things I'm "sneaking" when I convince myself that I'm a mostly healthy eater. :p  BUT I didn't have ANYthing sweet yesterday for the purpose of eating something sweet! The plan asks  you to start noticing your "trigger times", and mine is DEFINITELY after I eat a meal--my brain automatically jumps to the "need" to have something sweet, even small, to follow it up. Signs of an addict, my friends. :)  This morning, I had one cup of coffee with one pack of Stevia (this will be hard for me on the week where no sweet stuff at all, even stevia/honey etc. is allowed...week 3, but maybe it will kick my dependence on coffee in the morning. I just have one cup, but I really WANT that one cup! lol), a whole-wheat bagel with cream cheese, and a banana. I actually think the hardest thing about week 3 will be giving up fruit for that week. Its obviously  not something you do for a long time, but to get the sugars completely out--no fruit that week. I eat 3 to 5 things of fruit a day. Seriously. And I know that's healthy, but I also get why, for at least a week or two, you put them aside. Cravings are cravings.

Oh. Also. Did I mention Week 3 will be Thanksgiving Week? Ha. Ha. Ha.

I had to add this: I did have a headache yesterday! Not sure if was related, but I bet it was...the detox effect! Ug. I made it until 1:00 pm without taking ibuprofen, but then I caved. Today, however--I feel FANTASTIC!! Its awesome! :)

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