Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween at the Cosners

We have been so incredibly busy!!! Holidays find our days packed with activities and family time, which is just how I like it--but its taken until now for things to slow down and blogging-inspiration to take hold.

Blogging Inspiration:
We should make up a word for this! Ronelle? Lisa? Susanne? Challice? Any word-creators out there? 
A word meaning when the inspiration to blog hits...

Our Halloween flew by this year. This whole year has been flying by, despite my desperate attempts to slow it down. We had decorations, we BOOed our neighbors (this was so fun, and something I had wanted to do for years with the kids!), we made Halloween watercolor crafts from elmer's glue and watercolors, and the holiday season. Here's the late pictures, and I hope everyone's Halloween was a memory in the making. :)

A Dementor and Gollum--my kids have great taste in literature!

Some house decorations


  1. My first thought was "blitch" When you get the "itch" to "blog" but that sounds way too racy :)

  2. hehehehe!!! I love it! I got the "blitch"?