Monday, November 11, 2013

Marla's Movie Musings

Last Vegas

I stinking loved this movie!! First of all, any movie with any ONE of these actors usually makes my "good movie" list, and for all four of them--it was just a treat. I seriously laughed so hard. But here's a HUGE disclaimer--some serious language and some serious, um, inappropriate/sexualized images--I guess you can't avoid that when you making a movie about present-day Las Vegas. Its actually NOT the kind of movie that I usually watch. However, for GROWN-UPS, it was hilarious and left me with some things to think, I love Morgan Freeman. Just love him. Oh, and Michael Douglas. And Robert De Niro. And Kevin Kline. Love. Would highly recommend as a date movie IF the above disclaimers aren't deal killers for you.

I saw it with my mom. :p

Rating: A for making me belly-laugh!!

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