Saturday, November 23, 2013

13 Bean Soup


I was feeling like quite the homemaker last night, because I made a soup of stuff we just had in the house, no recipe. :) I had a bag of 13-bean Soup mix from Stater Brothers (less than a dollar a bag) in the pantry since--summer? Something my mother-in-law had passed on to me when she was cleaning out her pantry. I soaked them the night before, and then rinsed them in the morning before work; added water until it was a finger-tip above and threw in two tablespoons of Chicken Bouillon. Left it on low for the day. Around 4 p.m. I added chopped potatoes (because potatoes are on sale for $1.29/10 lbs!!!!! WOW!), a can of corn from our Doomsday Stash (will replace, good to cycle things out), chopped onion, shredded chicken, rosemary, sage, thyme, salt and pepper--cooked on high for another two hours. Switched it to high to cook the potatoes through. Served with wheat french bread and cheese. Kids and husband loved it!!! Yay! Soups are often, um, unpredictable for me. I have a few solid recipes, but when I experiment--its either great or awful. From those ingredients (only one bag of beans!) we fed everyone (very filling soup, a little goes a long way!), put some in the fridge for leftovers this weekend AND froze enough to have some next week. SCORE!!!!! I LOVE whole-food, filling, CHEAP recipes. Oooh, forgot, also cooked up s a $0.59 box of cornbread. Great way to start Thanksgiving Break at the Cosner's. :)

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