Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some interesting links

This was a well-written article about why homeschooling is a viable option for many parents. We are jumping on the train next year, having decided to homeschool our kids through middle school. I'm a little bit scared, I'm not gonna lie...but I agree with Matt, it really is time for parents to step up and say, "Nope. Not anymore." 

I made this off of  Pinterest last night; the kids loved it, I was not a huge fan. To be fair, I did things a little differently than the actual recipe--I had less tomatoes than called for, and I baked it in a casserole dish. The result was not the rosy, cheesy, crisp goodness pictured above, but rather a slightly pink, homemade mac'n'cheese--like I said, kids thought it was great. ;)  Too much cheese for me, I think!

Finished my book, Lady of the Rivers--first in a series of four from Philippa Gregory. Fantastic. Waiting on my mom to finish the second one. I just started The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan, which is the first book in the Roman series of the demigods made famous by Percy Jackson. :)  I love this story line Riordan has created. Its such an intriguing idea! I am not, however, a fan of his writing style. I don't think you have to "write down" to kids--Harry Potter, anyone? If Rowling can make a series in a 5-7th grade reading level and still write well, so can RR. Since he didn't, however, I will push through the "dude" mentality for the sake of the story. :)

Not much going on at the homestead. Fall is a slow season here. Halloween is around the corner! 

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