Monday, October 14, 2013

Gem and MIneral Show

We took the kids to the Gem and Mineral show in Trona, which is a nearby town. (Like, the ONLY "nearby" town.) We had a lot of fun exploring and looking at different rocks and minerals found in our desert. It was a spur of the moment thing; next year, we'll plan a little better, with some spending money for rocks (Mallory has a great rock collection) and a trip out to the mud to dig for pink halite. We had a good family day this year, and hiked around the Pinnacles for a bit as well. Dad kept teasing the kids that he had lost the car on the way back...and I fell for it too a little bit, can't lie about that one! He's a good trickster! Plus, hiking around in circles in the desert for an hour, everything starts to look the same. There's a reason we still have miles and miles of unclaimed land out here! The girls spend their recycling and egg money on geodes, which they cut at the show for them--it was a neat experience!

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