Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Letter Writing

There is a saying: necessity is the mother of invention, or something like that. In this day and age of communicative technology, letters are a truly disappearing phenomenon. But we have recently become an army family--my oldest daughter is in boot camp! We got a letter from her today, and just like a scene out of Little Women, we sat around the couch after dinner and read it aloud. The rest of the evening was spent writing letters back, and it was soul-warming to watch the kids learn in real time--"Mom, how do you spell this? Do I underline this? Should I ask questions? Can a draw a picture?" Gave them some dictionaries for the spelling, how old school is that?? We worked on our letters until bed-time. We should have a nice pack to send Cindy when we finally get her address. I hope she enjoys my bumper sticker. ;)


  1. I love this post!! I had no idea C had gone to boot camp!! Which branch? How amazing. We have been writing letters recently to a friend's son serving his mission in Thailand. some of the kids fight it, but I think its been awesome. I guess that's the mother in me. :-)

  2. :) Yay! Cindy is in the Army, doing basic training in Missouri. We've kept everybody so close these past years, its been a big adjustment. So proud of her!