Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Broke in the new running shoes yesterday! Over the summer, I was doing 3 miles every day in about 42 minutes, and felt great! It was a long stretch of exercising for me, I tend to go in spurts...as soon as school started, the routine flew out the window. It was really the combination of rehearsals + school that did me in! The weekend after the show, I had dental surgery (no, no, it was really fun), and THAT has taken a week and then some to recover from. But I started!!! 30 minutes, 2 miles, and a Dr. Who episode. These shoes have a funny story; we were going to the ranch for camping and I had forgotten my tennis shoes. (remembered everyone else's shoes, though!) Right outside of Kernville there was a sporting goods Mom and Pop store--women's tennis shoes, size 10, for $12! Oh yeah! I never did get to use them on the trip, but that's another story. :p  They were great yesterday! Here's to another half hour today!


  1. This makes me really jealous. I have been sidelined by injuries for the past two years and it BITES!! Run with my spirit and I will live through you. :-)

  2. You are my hero. I really really want to run.