Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend Reading

Saturdays always go by too fast.

These articles have graced my computer screen at some point this weekend:


This method worked beautifully, by the way! I had just procured (yup, not bought) a beautiful, white down comforter for Holly Faith. So warm and fluffy! Just cleaned it for the first time, and all went well! 

I walked two miles on the treadmill Friday and Saturday, which improved my mood quite a, we are taking the kids to Fossil Falls for a morning hike, and we have a rehearsal at 3. Sundays are always...pastel. Still beautiful, but the time is dimmed in the shadow of "THE WEEK". Here is where I should probably admit I spent too much time on Pinterest in the mornings, pinning art projects and lessons for the girls and I to do. The girls have been drawing all weekend. I am learning to draw with them, and I don't want to write too much about it yet--its been such a fulfilling, therapeutic, and somewhat magical experience--to learn something new, and to find what is inside you--this is where the heartbeat of life is found. 

Here's what's for dinner tonight:

Happy Homesteading! :)

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