Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Emergency Preparedness OR The Zombie Apocalypse

This is a 52 Week Preparedness Challenge that I'm going to attempt. I like the idea of being ready and not being dependent on the US Government or Wal-mart. I really think that if Wal-mart and the grocery stores went out of business, or if our country got to the point of rationing food and gave people a sack of flour and some shortening, most in my generation would literally starve. I know far less than many my age I've come across, but I am always trying to learn and pass things on to my children. I do think that at some point, we will need these skills again. If not in my lifetime, then at least my kids' kids will know something about providing for themselves. I will definitely tweak some things, and my goal is actually to see how far I get down this list, hahaha...its always been alarming to me that, just a generation before me, people would know what to do if things just shut down--and yet, so many today would be at an utter loss for survival if that ever happened. I'm not saying that I know "so much"--just enough to know what I don't know, and I want to make sure I could care for those around me! In my house, we refer to this as "Red Dawn-ing it someday". ;)

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