Sunday, January 19, 2014


Over Christmas break, we dropped our oldest off to the Army Language Institute in Monterey, California. Its been a long time since I've been that far north in Cali, but I can't wait to go back! Right now we're planning a summer family trip for four or five days to see Cynthia :) I found an amazing "Marla Corner" : Papa John's, GoodWill and a fantastic used book store!! Aaaack!! We took our youngest Holly with us--in our family, we try and do a few trips here and there with just one or two of the kids in an effort to create some special and unique memories. We took her to the Monterey Aquarium, where Daniel and Mallory had been nearly ten years before! We stayed "on post" at army lodging, which was good on the price--but NO BATHTUB AND LUKEWARM WATER. I'm just saying. However, price trumps all, right??

With my girl! Can't believe she's so big

Cannery Row: Don't worry, we totally ate Bubba Gump Shrimp

In line for the Aquarium

Petting the friendly Bat Ray

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