Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Catch-up

Not a lot to report on the homestead this weekend, the weather turned chilly--so I stayed inside! (Chilly = dropped below 60 degrees with a breeze--Desert Winter)

One piece of great news: Chickens are a layin! Hooray!

2014 Egg Count: 6

My little winter garden pots are doing well; even with the drop in temperatures we are still sunny; so my lettuce and kale seeds have sprouted. The transplants aren't doing as well, though. They are still healthy and green--but they aren't growing very noticeably! The beets seems to have set well, although my "experiment beet" is done for, I believe.

Just a quiet, rather uneventful weekend.

Still summer-dreaming...

1 comment:

  1. Quiet weekends are the best.

    "I hate London, no peace a country living is more my idea where I can keep a parish, raise chickens and give very short sermons." ~ Paraphrased from Sense and Sensibility.