Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cooking and Creativity

Here is a quick post of my daughter Mallory making dinner for the family on Tuesdays while I teach the dreaded night school--so we can fund a family trip to visit our oldest daughter in Monterrey this summer, complete with an aquarium exploration! She is making pizza muffins; last week, she made burritos and quesidillias. Next week, we will do spaghetti. Hooray! She is such a big help to me!

Also, I've been teaching myself to draw. :) Learning a new skill has been a tremendous amount of fun for me! Both my girls are very artistic, so I started this journey to participate with them; now its become something I am very much enjoying, soul food if you will, and actually fairly private; but I did want to share this with you. 

I bought this book from Amazon to get back into my journaling and my writing:
This has also been so much fun for me! I've just started, and I have a terrible habit of starting out the proverbial gate with a blast and sprinting for a nice, short while and then letting things fall by the wayside as life takes over, or perhaps the newness wears off. However, since motherhood/working/internet sort of rearranged my life, I haven't written like I used to; I used to fill journals. :) My inspiration for this is actually my students; I'm teaching English this year for one period, and as I ask them to write for me--I need to remember where they are coming from. 

At this moment, my cup of creativity is full, and warm, and smells of chamomile. How incredibly lucky am I to explore art through the power of the internet, have a minute in the morning to write, and learn a new instrument in between the pulses and poundings of every day reality...very lucky, indeed.

OH!! Finished this:

And started this:

My secret little "hobby" is reading non-fiction accounts of women who settled the west in the late 1800s. One day I'll do a post of my "read" books and "want to read" books of this spiritual inspirations :)

Much love to all tonight!

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