Thursday, February 13, 2014

Homestead check-in

2014 egg count: 39

(keeping track of eggs coming in is harder than it sounds!)

I will snap some pictures of my winter plants soon, they are doing wonderfully--especially my beets!! Can't wait to plant next month.

Happening around our house:

 Daniel's Star Wars bend on the famous Hamlet-Yorek scene:
"Hey Mom, remember that famous scene  from Hamlet where he's talking to the skull?"
Up next: The Complete Works of Shakespeare, as enacted through Star Wars action figures (and Barbies)

 I picked up some modeling clay for my budding artist Mallory; she proceeded to construct the solar system on this cardboard, complete with...oh man, she told me, some science-y thing like the a Nebula? Asteroid belt? Milky Way galaxy? I'll ask her and then come add it here. She and her dad spend a lot of time studying space and naming things, looking them up and then finding them outside with our telescope. I think its pretty impressive the the planets are all lined up from the sun the right way. She picked planet valentines this year, too. Apparently we are on a space-kick. Does that make us spaced out? :)

My new CDs, to replace ones stolen or lost in years past, and to play in my car during the ride to work. I know, CDs are a bit archaic, but my Ipod story is complicated, and while I'm waiting to see if it will be fixed, if it can be fixed, or if I am going to buy a new one, I wanted some music.

A parting thought:
What is the difference between our will and God's will?

The Results.



  1. I think you could also use the scene from Love Comes Softly in regards to the difference between ours and God's will...

    "I just keep praying for answers."

    "Oh really? Did you pray for all of this to happen? Did you pray that Missy would grow up not knowing her mother? Did you pray for Ellen to die? I just can't believe the God you speak of could allow such unspeakable things to happen to decent people."

    "Missy could fall down and hurt herself, even if I am walking right beside her. But she knows, that because of my love for her, I'll pick her up and hold her. The truth of God's love is not that He allows bad things to happen but that He will be there for us."

    I think it totally works with His will as well.

    Love the solar system.


    thought of you.